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Top 10 Best Cat Playhouses in 2022

cat playhouses

Being a pet owner is not an easy task for any busy individual. But that does not mean that there is nothing we can do about that. There are many ways to satisfy your cat. Placing a playhouse for them is one of the best solutions out there. Here we have listed 10 different types of cat playhouses for you to consider.

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Best Cat Playhouses in 2022

10. Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube

Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube

[amazon box=”B00KHUXS3O”]

Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube will be your cat’s next fun place to stay around all day. It is made of polyester which is guaranteed for its high quality yet affordable price. What is so great about the tube is that it can be connected to another tube which creates more fun for your cat.

  • Flexi-frame pops
  • Can be folded to save up space

8. Feline Ruff Indoor Cat House

Feline Ruff Indoor Cat House

[amazon box=”B07KKLQ2PK”]

Feline Ruff Indoor Cat House is the type of product that you want to consider if your house does not have much space for your pet to play around. It has the cube size. Most importantly, the decoration of this playhouse is classic and stylish which will enhance your house outlook. You do not have to worry about your pet’s pets which are everywhere. You can throw everything in there.

  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Bigger size with the same prize
  • Three-month guarantee
  • Clean with a brush or damp cloth
  • Has 2 open doors

5.Oncpcare Cat Cube Pop up

Oncpcare Cat Cube Pop up

[amazon box=”B07VP4F86Z”]

Oncpcare produces the kind of playhouse that has a simple design but will open up your cat to an active lifestyle with its connectable feature. You can build your cat playhouse according to your house space. On the very plus side, you do not have to worry about the building process since it will pop up and ready to use when you open the package.

  • Two colors to choose: pink and blue
  • Made of polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with protective ends
  • Cube, side in 15 inch/40 cm with 3 exits in diameter of 8 inches (20 cm)

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4. Hffheer Pet Kitty Tent Plush+PP Cotton Dogs Tent Bed

Hffheer Pet Kitty Tent Plush+PP Cotton Dogs Tent Bed

[amazon box=”B07W4ZCKW5″]

Hffheer created the product by looking at both the comfort and fun features. This product is made of high quality plush. The inside is filled with cotton. At its top, there is the main attraction to the cat which is the rat bell.

  • Triangular semi-enclosed design
  • Smooth surface which is safe and non-toxic

3. Ranphy Small Dog/Cat Tent Playhouse

Ranphy Small Dog/Cat Tent 

[amazon box=”B073J7MYQG”]

The Ranphy Small Dog/Cat Tent is a perfect tent for your dog or cat that weighs under 5kg. It can be a playground or bedroom for your pet. With its super-soft plush fabric, your pet is free to lay down and play in the most comfortable way possible.

  • Size: 16.5×16.5*15.7inch
  • Travel friendly with its foldable function
  • Comes with extra pad to put inside the tent

2. JoltMemori Cat Bed House Tent Playhouse

JoltMemori Cat Bed House

[amazon box=”B07YFQ6Z25″]

JoltMemori provides a creative cat playhouse for your lovely cats to their day with extra fun activities. The product comes with an additional hanging toy, a fur soft fleece mat, and a travel bag. Plus, the product is made from breathable material that allows your cat to play hide and sick with you.

  • Can be folded flat
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Do not have to worry about assembling procedures
  • Easy to clean the surface with just wiping towels

1. Tangkula Kittens Pet Play House

Tangkula Kittens Pet Play House

[amazon box=”B07CRGGR42″]

Tangkula offers the funniest playhouse for your cat to play on an everyday basis. Your cat will love the triple-platform design which makes them exercise without knowing. It allows them to jump up and down freely without any dangers.

  • Injured-free for its soft flannelette
  • Offers large space to take a rest
  • Solid and sturdy base
  • Wear-resistant natural sisal ropes allow your cat to grind the claws.

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Show your cat with more love by placing at least one cat playhouse in your apartment. The playhouses will make your cat fall in love more at your home especially it will create an active healthy lifestyle for your cat. Thank you for spending time on our article.

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