As a rabbit owner, we are the happiest when we see our pet rest and live comfortably. And to do that, we need to give them a bed. Keep reading to find out what are the best bunny beds in 2021.

A bunny bed is something that you cannot miss when building a home for a beloved bunny. Of course, they just sleep on the floor or in their cage. But it is even better if they get to have an actual bed. The bunny bed doesn’t just give bunnies a more comfortable surface to sleep on but also a feeling of security. Some even help to improve their health.

To make sure that you will buy a good bed for your bunny, we have made a list for you. The list below will show you 10 best bunny beds to get in 2021.

Best Bunny Beds Review

10. FLAdorepet Bunny Bed 

FLAdorepet Bunny Bed - bunny beds

FLAdorepet is a great comfort provider. It is great to be used for small animals or in a small cage.

This product is made out of soft and warm fleece. It is comfortable to sleep and sit on. You can wash it by hand or by a machine which is pretty convenient.

  • Lightweight
  • Come in many colors
  • Available in 2 sizes

 9. MUYAOPET Rabbit Guinea Pig Hamster Bed

MUYAOPET Rabbit Guinea Pig Hamster Bed - bunny beds

MUYAOPET bunny bed is suitable for all kinds of small animals. Its shed is good for head preservation to keep warm during winter.

It is made from fleece and PP cotton. These materials are soft and they make a comfortable bed to sleep on. It is easy to clean and its thickness is about 1 inch.

  • Machine washable
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Safe to use

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8. RYPET Bunny Bed

RYPET Guinea Pig Bed - bunny beds

RYPET bunny bed is a square fluffy any plushy sleep mat. It is a great gift for all little animals as well.

This item is made out of soft and warm plush. The fabric is breathable and it is best to use in winter. It has a towel-like texture which helps to warm your bunny up.

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Compact size

7. Hamiledyi Grass Mat Woven Bed

Hamiledyi Grass Mat Woven Bed - bunny beds

Hamiledyi is a grass woven bunny bed that helps to promote a bunny’s dental health. It is like an edible bed.

This product is made out of all-natural grass. Rabbits can sleep on it but they can also eat or chew it. Nibbling the grass is also a great boredom killer for them.

  • A pack of 3pcs
  • Handwoven
  • 100% natural

6. Tfwadmx Rabbit Grass Bed

Tfwadmx Rabbit Grass Bed - bunny beds

Tfwadmx is a grass bunny bed. It is a multi-functional product that provides comfort and health benefits.

This bed is made entirely out of natural grass. This material protects the bunny’s sensitive claws and has a cooling effect. It is also safe to eat which is awesome because chewing the grass will improve the bunny’s teeth.

  • Weave bed included
  • Natural material
  • Can be a chew toy

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5. Spring Fever Small Animal Pet Bed House

Spring Fever Small Animal Pet Bed House - bunny beds

Bring the playfulness character in your bunny out with Spring Fever bunny bed house. It is cozy and can be a hideout place.

It is made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and has no odor. The features are an open entrance design that gives a sense of security to an animal that stays inside. It is also easy to carry around with its special design on the top.

  • Machine washable
  • Available in all sizes
  • Come in various colors

4. LESYPET Washable Mat

LESYPET Washable Mat - bunny beds

LESYPET bunny bed is a comforter and a stress reliever. With its texture, it can help to make your bunny feeling less stressed or intense.

It is padded with polyester, hence, it is soft and comfortable to sleep for animals to sleep on. This bed is designed to use with a crate, kennel, etc. It is portable and lightweight.

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Easy cleaning

3. kathson Woven Pet Hay Bed

kathson Woven Pet hay Bed for Hamsters - bunny beds

Kathson is another grass woven bunny bed, but it has a cooler and cozier design to make your bunny feel more at home.

This bed is made out of 100% real and natural grass. Not just a bed, it also protects the paws of the hard wire cage bottom. It can be a chew toy and its smell can help to calm bunny down as well.

  • Woven grass play ball included
  • Natural materials
  • Portable

2. JanYoo Bunny Bed

JanYoo Bunny Bed - bunny beds

JanYoo bunny bed is definitely the cutest thing you can buy for your pet rabbit. And it isn’t just good with the look but with quality as well.

It is a perfect sleep and hides a place that is made from striped velvet, short soft plush, and PP cotton. It is durable and has a non-slip bottom. The best thing is, it is machine washable.

  • Available in all sizes
  • Come in many looks & designs
  • Portable

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1. Urijk Pet Bed

Urijk Pet Bed - bunny beds

With Urijk bunny bed, your pet won’t have to be cold during winter anymore. It will be able to sleep peacefully on the coziest bed ever.

It is very soft and comfortable, providing the best space to rest on. Also, it is good for pet’s skin and the raised rims give them a sense of security as well. It is lightweight and doesn’t deform easily. Its size makes it convenient to carry around without a problem.

  • Lightweight
  • Pressure resistant
  • Come in multiple colors

Just like us, our pet bunnies also need something soft and comfy to sleep on. That’s why we should always be careful when choosing bunny beds for them.  Therefore, you can trust the products above. We guarantee quality. These bunny beds are very famous among pet owners. At the end of this article, we hope you have found the one you are looking for on our list.