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Benefits Of Having A Cat | Make Your Life Cheerful

Benefits Of Having A Cat

We all know the feeling when these fluffy little creatures come towards us with their furry bodies and call us for our attention. Someone with their unusual charm, round cute eyes, and an innocent expression cats manage to sway our hearts and make us want to cuddle them and curl them up in our arms all day long.

Despite their feline behavior, their greed for warmth and affection, and also their introverted personalities cats are actually beneficial to us. They may not be a great guard for our houses, or keep our properties safe and secured but they certainly help us in a lot of ways.

If you are still not sure if you should keep a furry fluff ball in your house as a pet just because you adore it, so, in this article, we have discussed all the benefits of having a cat.

Benefits Of Having A Cat

1. Having A Cat Helps To Keep Your Environment Clean

Having a cat helps to keep your environment clean | Benefits Of Having A Cat

You must know cats feed on small animals and insects, so having a cat not only keeps those unwanted pests away from your house but also keep harmful bacteria and microorganisms away from your home. Cats indirectly help to keep your children and family safe from insects that are potential vectors or carriers of illness or disease.

Most important of all, cats prey on mice. Those of you who had mice in their house or in their basements before are aware of the dilemma they cause.

If you are one of those who worry about carbon footprint, then you can stay rest assured as cats are far better than having any other pets. There was a study conducted in 2009 that found out that all the resources that were necessary to feed a dog his entire life created the same amount of ecological footprint as of a Land Cruiser.

Cats on the other hand caused a lot less eco-footprint than any other animals. They feed on organic resources such as a fish or its leftovers, worn-out vegetables, and other insects.

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2. Cat Owners Have A Healthier Heart

Cat owners have a healthier heart | Benefits Of Having A Cat

Experts advise people to adopt pets as all pets are good for keeping their owner’s hearts healthy. However, studies have found Benefits Of Having A Cat have a significant impact on reducing their owner’s stress levels and anxiety. A study conducted over a period of ten years found that cat owners had 30% fewer chances of dying of a heart attack or a brain stroke than owners of other animals.

Many of you must have noticed that cats climb up to the owner’s bed and sleep with them rather than sleeping alone. Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine indicates people have a better healthy and productive sleep while sleeping with cats. 75% of people in their study gained favorable results from the sleep-study with cats, while only 10-25% did not have the desired outcome.

3. People Who Own Cats Have Fewer Allergies

People Who Own Cats have Fewer Allergies | Benefits Of Having A Cat

Many people have this common misconception that cats bring allergies and people who are vulnerable to infections are often inflicted with several infections. In 2002 a study carried out by The National Institutes of Health has indicated that children would are one year old or younger and have been exposed to a cat had fewer allergies in comparison to children who were not exposed to a cat.

To clear everyone’s confusion Marshall Plaut who is the M.D and chief of allergic mechanism section in the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease has stated that cats do not bring infections, rather they prevent infections. High exposure to cats from an early stage in life not only helps to protect children from dangerous infections rather than all types of common allergies too.

4. Cats Are Felines & Great Listeners

Cats are Felines & great listeners | Benefits Of Having A Cat

Cats are good secret keepers you can pour your heart out to them and they will respond back with purrs. Sometimes they hug back or rub against your body when you are depressed or crying. You might be astonished to find out how relaxing and pleasant that is.

5. Their Purring Helps You To Heal Faster

Their Purring Helps you to heal faster | Benefits Of Having A Cat

Cats purr especially when their owner is emotional, hurt, or in a depressed state. If you have an injury, or you need to heal your bones a cat’s purring can help you heal faster.

Purring brings no significant effect, rather it helps the cat owners feel relieved emotionally. Studies have revealed that cats are incredible sensors of situations. They are observant and can notice if you had a tiring day at work and they purr to make you feel better.

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6. Cats Help Owners Become More Dependable

Cats help owners become more dependable | Benefits Of Having A Cat

If you are facing problems with responsibilities, commitments, or with meeting deadlines, a cat can be your solution. Many people think dogs and love for children make us appealing to others, but actually, studies have found people who pet cats are much more caring and responsible.

When you are looking after a cat your sense of responsibility grows. You tend to care for it just as you look after yourself. Children who raise cats since they were young grow up to be responsible and dependable. Their love for others increases and they develop habits of looking after others.

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Now that you have read our article, you should have a summarized idea and the benefits of having a cat as a pet. Cats are fragile independent creatures who always crave their owner’s attention and are very lovable.

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