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Best Bearded Dragon Terrarium in 2022

Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Bearded dragon can live up to a decade and many more years. And for this long time, they can give you joy if you can take care of them properly. You will need to establish a certain temperature within their habitat. You’ll need a 20 gallon to 40-gallon tank depending on the size of the bearded dragon.

You also need a lock so that the bearded dragon doesn’t leave when you are asleep. The material of the cage must not reflect heat or melt by the heat lamp. There must be a proper air ventilation method for your terrarium.

You can always add some accessories like rocks and logs for a more homely feeling of your beardy. Now you might be confused thinking about how to ensure all these. Well, we aim to make this easy for you. So, here are the top 10 terrarium for bearded dragon.

Best Bearded Dragon Terrarium Reviews

7. Southern Enterprises Terrarium 

Southern Enterprises Terrarium

[amazon box=”B00NHJGOM4″]

This terrarium itself is a beauty on its own. It has a decorative stand that makes it a part of your house decoration but there are no locks attached to the doors. So, you’ll need to take extra steps when you leave your reptile unattended.

This terrarium has slits along each side, rather than having a screen top. It has two doors. You can install heated rocks inside the terrarium. And above all, the table itself is a coffee table.

  • Refreshing cocktail table featuring a terrarium style garden
  • The table is made with tube metal, 5mm tempered glass, and iron sheet.
  • Black finish with silver finish combines with a double door chamber for style.

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6. Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium

Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium

[amazon box=”B0052Y3KTC”]

Your beardy will feel super comfortable in this because of the backdrop and overall design. The swinging door allows you to play with your pets easily.

This terrarium is similar to Carolina custom cage but with a more natural feel. It is beautifully designed with a natural sandy backdrop.

  • Glass terrarium for bearded dragons or other reptiles
  • The bottom has been raised to fit a substrate heater.
  • Inlets for wires and tubes are closable.

5. Exo Terra Outback Terrarium 

Exo Terra Outback Terrarium

[amazon box=”B07BL2TGLG”]

This professionally designed terrarium has precision and accuracy in its total setting. The two front doors can be opened separately making it easier to clean and feed.

The top ventilation allows UV-B and Infrared rays in. The top part is easily removable. There are also wire inlets that can be closed on both sides. The stainless steel mesh cover assures durability but it doesn’t contain heating.

  • There is space for front window ventilation.
  •  It has a limited edition hand-painted outback 3D Rock background included.


4. Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles

Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles

[amazon box=”B000OQSJX0″]

The Zilla habitat is made out of a PVC base. It is quite durable. It consists of two doors that can lock securely. Thus, safety won’t be a concern. The cage has been created with sustainable aluminum, which assures zero rusting. Its mesh supports air circulation.

  • The frame is quite sturdy and lasts long.
  • Screening is escape-proof and water-resistant.
  • There is a port for using power cords and tubing.

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3. Tetra Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kit

Tetra Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kit

[amazon box=”B075MKTGJM”]

This might be quite small for most adult bearded dragons but it can be a great starting place. You just need to add sand and rocks and you are good to go!

It includes rocks, a basking light, and a decorative plant. It holds waters well. Many users have shown satisfaction after using it for bearded dragons. It also includes UVB and heat lamps.

  • The aquarium itself is a large 20 gallon tank being ideal for aquatic turtles and reptiles.
  • Dome Lamps are associated with the screen top for warmth and prime basking.
  • Includes a lot of items in the package

2. Zilla Tropical Beginners Kit

Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit

[amazon box=”B01N5VWZEB”]

If you’re a first-timer in having a pet bearded dragon, then the Reptihabit from ZooMed Lab can support you to create an ideal home for your beardy.

It is a high-quality item and contains all the items needed for creating the most pleasant and ideal habitat. It is a great starting option for your beardy but you might need to think about changing it when the dragon gets older.

  • It holds up to 5 gallons of water.
  • Smaller than normal Halogen Dome with light
  • Front opening entryway with locking hook and pivoted screen top
  • Ships with fortified packing to ensure items’ safety.

1. Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

[amazon box=”B008N9LRCK”]

This terrarium from the Exo Terra, No.1 of our list of best bearded dragon terrarium, is a tad shorter than the earlier models. But bearded dragons are not adept climbers. So, they spend most of their time roaming on the ground.

This cage includes big pivoting doors that allow you to feed and play with your beardy. But this device is not suitable for big and grown beardies.

  • Inlets are closable.
  • The bottom is waterproof.
  • Supports lamp PT2055 or 0T2077 with bracket PT2223.

To conclude, while there are many options in the market, you need to choose to focus on your budget, the beardy’s size, and how long you need the terrarium. But, don’t forget to also order accessories for your bearded friends while ordering a terrarium!

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