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Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Leashes in 2022

Bearded Dragon Leashes

Bearded dragons are one of the most adorable reptiles as pets. If you have one or more of these bearded friends, you might be thinking about roaming around with it. Your beardy will love to explore the outdoors. With leashes, it will be like roaming around his terrarium but with much bigger space.

However, you can’t tag a dog leash on your bearded dragon. You need something of their size. And there are several bearded dragon leashes in the market. Here are our top 10 picks of bearded dragon leashes for you.

Best Bearded Dragon Leashes Review

10. IDS Adjustable Leather Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

IDS Adjustable Leather Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

[amazon box=”B00XVER37K”]

Pet owners love this leather leash. The material is soft, so it won’t be abrasive on your dragon’s skin. Overall, it is perfect for traveling.

The beads connecting the harness with the lease create enough tension to ensure that the cord won’t loosen up.

  • Total rope length is 150cm (59”)
  • The diameter is 4” X 1.8”

9. FunPetLife Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash 

FunPetLife Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash

[amazon box=”B077MTVHF7″]

It comes with bright red, green, or blue wings on top of the harness. So, it will make your bearded friend look like an actual dragon.

They comfortably sit around beardy’s belly and front legs. Even there are options for unclipping the leash and allowing him to roam around with wings and harness.

  • It comes in six different colors and various sizes.
  • The length of the leash is 48 inches.
  • It contains PVC, nylon, and metal as materials.

8. Fluker’s Repta Leash for Reptile

Fluker's Repta Leash for Reptile

[amazon box=”B004SHL5C8″]

This leash does not only gives comfort to your beardy but also assures your own comfortability.

The leash comfortably slips on your bearded dragon’s legs through the holes in the vest. You just need to adjust the control bead at the end of the harness. You can also wrap the harness around your wrist for a tight grip.

  • It comes in separate sizes to choose from.
  • 6’ adjustable lead.
  • You can easily walk your lizard in style.

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7. RZRZOO Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

RZRZOO Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

[amazon box=”B077TN63SQ”]

If you are concerned about how our favorite pet’s leashes look, then you should consider this leash since it comes with a variety of attractive color options.

So, your lizard can easily be detected whenever you are walking in the sunshine. The leash has a variety of colors and fits easily.

  • The harness fits all sizes of bearded dragons.
  • The length of the leash is around 47.2 inches.
  • The length of the adjustable harness is 15.75 inches.

6. Pranovo Adjustable Reptile Training Lead Harness 

Pranovo Adjustable Reptile Training Lead Harness 

[amazon box=”B07DPJCL4H”]

 If you’re more obsessed with how the leashes look on your reptile, you should consider this harness.

Your beardy would look adorable in these baby pastel colors. And, this leash glows at night. So, you can also travel with your little pet at night too.

  • It is made of non-toxic and tasteless nylon rope.
  • There are many colorful beads on the harness that not only increase its design but it also gives you a tight grip.
  • The length of the rope is 5.5 feet.

5. SLSON Reptile Harness Adjustable 

SLSON Reptile Harness Adjustable 

[amazon box=”B07K9PPNWJ”]

The reason why this harness is among the top 5, despite being similar to many, is the length of the leash.

The leash is 6.5 feet long. The leather is extra soft on the side that touches the pet’s skin. It also has a handy clip to hook onto something. This is mainly suitable for bigger bearded dragons.

  • The length of the rope is 6.5 feet.
  • Suitable for a reptile with chest girth between 4”~6”.

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4. Flameer Leopard Gecko Harness Leash

Flameer Leopard Gecko Harness Leash - Bearded Dragon Leashes

[amazon box=”B07KGG94TP”]

This harness has fluffy white wings for your little angel. It can be adjusted with wide cord straps for the body and the top part of the leash. The middle part is made up of a chain that is clipped onto the harness.

  • Angelwing designs are cute for dressing up your pet.
  • It contains both fabric and iron as a material.
  • It is especially suitable for younger bearded dragons.

3. WATFOON Lizard Comfort Leather Leash

WATFOON Lizard Comfort Leather Leash - Bearded Dragon Leashes

[amazon box=”B07CSL8GJP”]

If you think that all your bearded dragon lacks is the wings of a dragon, you can add those wings by putting this leash on him. The harness has big black eye-catching wings.

There are various colors and sizes to choose from for the cords. The wings remain identical in every model. The package also contains a piece of soft black leather underneath the body.

  • It comes in separate sizes and colors.
  • The whole model is handmade with a unique design.
  • Non-toxic and animal-friendly materials have been used to prepare the whole device.

2. Ogle Lizard Leash

Ogle Lizard Leash - Bearded Dragon Leashes

[amazon box=”B01LYUBVVB”]

OgleRPets brings leashes in bold and bright colors that are quite popular among reptile lovers. The colors assure that you won’t lose your pet on the go. This is quite comfortable but you’ll need to find the right fit.

The bright colors of the harness are quite gorgeous and it is made out of non-toxic material.

  • It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • They are hand made from the U.S.A.

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1. T-Rex Inc. Reptile Leather Harness 

T-Rex Inc. Reptile Leather Harness - Bearded Dragon Leashes


[amazon box=”B0002AQRIW”]

From the name of the company, you should be able to guess that these harnesses are specially made for bearded dragons.

This adjustable leash is especially preferable for large-sized bearded dragons. There are a safety clasp, a stylish leather harness, and an adjustable cinch in it. It will give your dragon comfort.

  • Rotating safety clasp
  • Stylish cinch

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Finally, you can now give your reptile some sunlight and train them to do cool tricks. So, measure the size of your pet and order one for him today. Enjoy your time with your beardy!

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