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Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Food in 2022

Bearded Dragon Food

If you know well about reptiles, you must be familiar with bearded dragons. Bearded dragons come with less complexity in living compared to turtles or chameleon. They are friendly and easy to pet. From fruit to small insects, they eat a variety type of foods.

So, there are a lot of options when it comes to feeding them. In fact, you might get confused about which food to feed for their taste, growth, and development. We have listed the top 10 products that you can give to your Breaded Dragon.

The Best Bearded Dragon Food Reviews

10. T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend 

T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend

[amazon box=”B00JVRXXTS”]

The t-Rex food blend has all the natural contents that you need for your bearded dragon. You need to just add water and serve premium greens, veggies, and insects with a very fresh taste.

From sweet potato to dried mealworm, there is everything your dragon needs in it. It can be a perfect combo for your bearded dragon.

  • High levels of protein without any odor or hassle
  • Premium greens, vegetables, and insects
  • Can be served by just adding water

9. Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Crickets 

Fluker's Freeze-Dried Crickets

[amazon box=”B0002DRJDG”]

Crickets are one of the most favorite foods of breaded dragons. For many pet owners, it’s a large hassle to catch living crickets or running to the pet stores regularly for buying crickets.

But with frozen dried crickets, you get rid of this large amount of hassles. It is already pre-loaded with more than 50% crude protein and dried frozen crickets.

  • Comes in 1.6-ounce size
  • It is a great alternative for living insects.
  • Great for reptiles, tropical fishes, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders

8. Fluker SFK72022 Bearded Dragons Food

Fluker SFK72022 Bearded Dragons Food

[amazon box=”B004HSQRI0″]

If your beardy doesn’t want to eat live food, these can boost his diet. You don’t need to deal with live insects. You can soak the food in warm or hot water to moisten and rehydrate.

Moreover, you can also mix it with super worms or mealworms for your picky ebarded dragon. It contains essential proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins.

  • Comes in 1.8 Ounce size
  • Adds variation to regular food habits

7. Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat

Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat

[amazon box=”B00BS99J3G”]

It mainly contains nutritious and dehydrated ingredients of green vegetables which are quickly convenient to serve without refrigeration. You only need to rehydrate before serving.

You can choose from three types of treats: fruit mix, omnivore mix, and vegetable mix. It contains up to 17% protein and 6% fiber and 2% calcium.

  • Easy to prepare simply by rehydrating
  • No need to refrigerate.
  • Offers nutrition from various types of natural sources

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6. Zoo Med Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food

Zoo Med Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food

[amazon box=”B00VFZOXC0″]

With 30 years of experience researching, it is enriched with blueberries, worms, and rose petals for your beardy’s diet. It needs refrigeration. Water should be added for rehydration.

It consists of essential vitamins and minerals without artificial coloring or flavors. The mealworms are pretty large and quite fresh.

  • It comes in 8 oz. and 15 oz.
  • Extra vitamins and minerals have been added.
  • It is a mix of floating pellets, blueberries, mealworms, and rose flower petals.

5. Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Bites Reptile Food

Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Bites Reptile Food

[amazon box=”B0006L12CI”]

This ready-to-eat food is moist and soft. So, unlike the earlier ones, you don’t need to rehydrate or fridge. It has been specially made for bearded dragons.

They can easily digest it with more than 50 amino acids, soluble carbohydrates, isolated proteins, calcium, and vitamins. It also has pear cactus scent and flavor, which is great for your bearded dragon.

  • Available in 24 Ounce, 2 oz., 9 oz. and 1 Gallon sizes.
  • Isolated Protein, Soluble Carbohydrates, and Calcium
  • Specially formulated for bearded dragons to promote growth and health

 4. Fluker’s 76051 Buffet Blend 

Fluker’s 76051 Buffet Blend 

[amazon box=”B001B4TTAG”]

It is a pure blend of a buffet with various types of food items. You don’t need to moist the food. It is ready to be served. It contains mealworms, frozen dried crickets, chicken meals, pellets, and a lot of others,

  • It comes in 4.4 and 8.5-ounce sizes.
  • Especially focuses on the scientific formulation for a balanced diet of Bearded dragons.
  • It can be supplied instantly.

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3.  MBTP Dried Mealworms

MBTP Dried Mealworms

[amazon box=”B013GUDO1C”]

When it comes to pet foods sold in Amazon, this one should definitely be on the top. It doesn’t contain any food that has been genetically modified and it doesn’t have any artificial additives.

The fresh large worms are raised vegetarian and are surely better than many other worms that are found in the market. It comes in 5-pound size with 51% protein, 23% crude fat, 7% moisture, and 8% fiber.

  • Mealworms are non-GMO and raised on a 100% vegetarian diet.
  • Heavy duty zip bag helps to make storage easy.

2. Fluker’s 76042 Blend Adult Bearded Dragon Diet 

Fluker's 76042 Buffet Blend Adult Bearded Dragon Veggie Variety Diet

[amazon box=”B01I5IU3UK”]

You must include this item in your beardy’s diet. It can combine with frozen and dried crickets and worms for better taste. Also, it helps your pet to grow faster and stronger. It contains fortified minerals and vitamins.

  • It comes in 4 ounces and 7-ounce size.
  • Give a variety of diets for your pet
  • Can be used with dried chicken and mealworms

1. Rep-Cal SPR00813 Bearded Dragon Food 

Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Bearded Dragon Food

[amazon box=”B00061UVG6″]

It is fortified with optimal levels of protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin D). Thus, you don’t need to add any form of supplements. You just need to add water or fruit juice to moisten when you are feeding a baby bearded dragon. Otherwise, it can be directly fed to big bearded dragons. It comes with 29% crude protein, 2% crude fat, 12% fiber, and 12% moisture.

  • It comes in 12 Ounce and 6 Ounce size.
  • Contains optimal levels of vitamins and calciums
  • Supports growth and strength

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To conclude, you might want to add some of these in your cart but remember to change the diet of your reptile once or twice a week. You surely don’t want to bore them with the same food every day.

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